Secret Himalayan Superfood Has Skincare Industry Elite in Outrage

Ever wondered why asian men and women have such beautiful skin, hair and nails? Ever notice how they age so beautifully and few of them ever wear makeup?

Is your skin wrinkled and dried out? Are you showing your age, or worse looking older than you are? Have years of bad habits; poor diet, lack of sleep, drinking or even smoking caught up with you?

Are you tired of trying every new skincare product to hit the market that promises to rewind the clock and make you look 20 years younger? Have you tried every diet known to humankind and reorganized your entire life just to eat healthier and sleep better?

Have you been eating a strictly organic diet, drinking lots of clean water and even cut back on the cosmetics only to see nominal results? You’re not alone. Millions of people spend billions of dollars every year trying to look younger and feel better about themselves and year after year, they’re still trying.

Want beautiful, soft, glowing skin that is healthy from the inside out? How about thick, silky, colorful hair and strong fingernails? Stop wasting your time and money, learn about this amazing superfood below.

Anti-Aging is NOT a Miracle, It’s Science

It’s true that everything the human body needs to stay young and vibrant should be found in the food we eat. And, if you’re one of those people that eats clean, you might be marginally better off than those getting their calories from boxes, cans and bags.

Did you know that almost 100% of the soil our food is grown in, is poisonous? Not only poisonous from decades of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, but completely void of one particular nutrient that can reverse it all.

Unless you’re composting your own soil and growing your own food or sourcing your food from someone who does, you’re literally eating yourself to death.

Everything you eat and drink, every potion, lotion and miracle tonic you put on your skin, and every vitamin or super-supplement you take is at best, useless, and closer to the truth, killing you slowly. Your body CRAVES something to reverse this. Good news – there is a solution. Keep reading.

If This Is True, Why Isn’t This Front Page News?

How can this be? Why isn’t this on every news station in the world? How come nothing is being done about this? Simple: because it’s easier and far more profitable to make you sick and sell you “the cure” than it is to keep you healthy and sell you things that are going to make you sick.

Multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations spend billions every year keeping you sick and keeping the media quiet about it. Once you’re sick and you need help, who do you call? That’s right, your doctor, and 99 out of 100 of them are going to poison with drugs for illnesses and diseases they can’t trace the origins of or diagnose.

You will never be in control of your health if you continue to dance with the devil. Realizing that the very “people” that say they are going to take care of you, are the ones that are killing you, is step one. Step two, is adding one very specific nutrient into your diet.

That’s right, there is one essential nutrient that is supposed to be in our soil that has been intentionally and permanently stripped away. It’s called fulvic acid. Our friends in the East are well aware of fulvic acids and have been, for thousands of years.

Fulvic acid is part of the humic structure of rich soil. Fulvic acids contain vast amounts of naturally occurring bio-chemicals, antioxidants, nutrients, enzymes, hormones, amino acids, natural antibiotics, antivirals and fungicides. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Raw Shilajit

Fulvic Acids – The Building Blocks of All Life

Fulvic acid is essential for cell metabolism, human enzyme production, vitamin and mineral utilization and it even helps with hormone structures. Without fulvic acid, your body can’t use the nutrients in your food. When you eat, food simply moves through your gut and any nutrients that may have been present, get expelled as waste.

Every illness and disease known to man, from bad breath to cancer has origins in our guts. If you don’t have fulvic acid in your diet, you get sick and you die. Sounds hopeless, right? I told you I had good news for you … you can DO SOMETHING about it.

Start Adding Fulvic Acid to Your Diet!

You might be asking yourself, “What about all the poisonous chemicals in the food?” Don’t worry, fulvic acid also has the unique and amazing ability to react with environmental chemicals before or after they reach toxic levels.

Fulvic acid binds with organic pollutants such as pesticides and herbicides, catalyzing their breakdown. Fulvic acid can react with both positively and negatively charged unpaired electrons, known as free radicals. It can either, alter them into new usable compounds that become part of life-sustaining bio-available nutrients, or if the chemical makeup is of no particular benefit, they are chelated, mobilized and eliminated from your body as waste.

Where do I Get Fulvic Acid?

You won’t find fulvic acid in your typical grocery store or even your organic grocers. You probably won’t find it in your vitamin shops either. In fact, fulvic acid is very rare and it can only be found in adequate quantity in a few places on earth, like the Himalayan Mountains.

People in the East have known about fulvic acid for thousands of years. Some folks in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan and Nepal, haven’t even heard of cancer, because it doesn’t exist in their world. Why? Because they’re consuming a steady supply of fulvic acid every day.

In the last few years a product known as Shilajit has been seen on the market. It’s still relatively unknown by almost everyone in the west, but it is available. Just like all supplements on the market though, you need to be aware of scams and false advertising. Fortunately, we did the research for you, and compared all the different products on the market. The one that tops our list is Peak 85 Shilajit and you can buy it here.

What Will Shilajit Do for My Skin? 

Thanks to our brothers and sisters in the Himalayas, you can take back your health once and for all. When it comes to your skin and aging, there is nothing known to man that can have a greater positive impact, than a good diet and plenty of rest. Neither of these however, is achievable without fulvic acid. It’s no surprise, the purest source of fulvic acid on earth comes from the Himalayas, above 16,000 feet.

Peak 85 Shilajit tops all competitors in laboratory tests, taste and efficacy. Shilajit is packed with not only fulvic acid but every vitamin and mineral the human body needs to stay healthy, 85 of them in fact.  So, you can stop taking all those expensive vitamin supplements that don’t do anything for you anyway. Your body cannot metabolize vitamins or minerals without fulvic acid, period.

Fulvic acid is also one of nature’s best electrolytes too, which serves to balance all cell life. When there is a chemical imbalance in your cells, they lose their electrical potential. This equates to your cells dying and disintegrating before their time. Since fulvic acid chelates metallic minerals, turning them into bio-available absorbable forms, your cells maintain their electrical potential, keeping them balanced and healthy.

Fulvic acid creates optimal conditions for growth and cell replication. It intensifies the metabolism of proteins, RNA and DNA. It can complex vitamins and minerals into its structure thereby creating the ideal condition for your cells to utilize them.

Translation: all your cells, including your skin, hair and nails can heal and replicate faster. They stay hydrated, which means your skin becomes elastic and wrinkles vanish like a mirage. Because the rest of your body’s cells are in balance, skin conditions (which aren’t actually skin conditions, they are signs of something gone wrong inside your body), like, dermatitis, eczema, acne etc, simply become a thing of the past.

The Anti-Aging Secret Weapon is Shilajit 

When we think about aging, we think about, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, the list goes on. If you don’t want to become another statistic, you need fulvic acid in your diet, every day. While fulvic acid is still a secret, it is not a miracle. It is the building block for all life on earth, plants, animals and humans alike.

You can start using this secret weapon now. The human body has the amazing ability to heal itself under the right conditions. SO give it the right conditions and start using fulvic acid. Unravel years of exposure to toxic chemicals from food, “health and beauty” products and even environmental sources.

Don’t just look better, feel better! Finally, unlock your full potential and unravel years of stress and bad habits for good!

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