‘Sweatpants Makeup’ is the Beauty Category You Didn’t Know Existed

There’s most definitely a thrill in getting dolled up with luxe lashes, bold lips and eyeshadow that require application time as intricate as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. But some days you just can’t put in the effort, and instead apply “sweatpants makeup.” Yes, you read that correctly. 

No, you’re not turning your face into sweatpants or using them to apply makeup (perhaps a trend on the horizon?). Rather, as seen on Reddit, you simply use “your no-fuss easy products.” User cupcakelipstick, credits her ask to Livloveshermakeup and emilynoel83, who first used the term back in 2017 and 2016, respectively.

In short, these are your tried-and-true products; the ones you never leave behind when you’re traveling, and the ones that you would cry about if discontinued. It’s not that they’re of lesser value, cheaper, or always drugstore. They’re just the ones you turn to because you know they’re going to work.

For instance, Isthatpinknailpolish answered, “My freakin Maybelline Fit me stick foundation. $7. Always looks good on full face days, bronzer and chapstick days, why don’t I just throw this on after brushing my teeth – days.” Other favorite sweatpant products from the thread are MAC Paintpot in Groundwork, Glossier Cloud Paints, Elf brow gel, Maybelline strobe sticks, and Garnier BB cream

Now that we’ve got a name for it, we’re about to be sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with sweatpants makeup on.

Original: ‘Sweatpants Makeup’ is the Beauty Category You Didn’t Know Existed

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