Ledger Blue Personal Security Device

Safely manage your cryptocurrency transactions, digital identities and more with the Ledger Blue Personal Security Device. This handheld hardware wallet device combines ease of use with advanced security. Boasting multi application execution, the Ledger Blue comes with a large touchscreen. Likewise, its LED-backlit color touchscreen makes it easy to navigate as well as validate transactions. It also comes with anti-scratch glass to protect the 3.5-inch display. Additionally, the security device offers both USB and Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it with any smartphone or computer. Based on dual-chip architecture, the Ledger Blue achieves an entirely isolated environment. Built on an advanced OS that supports easy app installation, you can install and remove apps using the Ledger Manager. Plus, it comes with free firmware upgrades. Finally, your confidential data stays inside a Secure Element, which requires a 4 to 8 digit PIN code.

Original: Ledger Blue Personal Security Device

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