New Military Grade Password Security Device Now Available To The Public (see it to believe it!)

New bluetooth password encryption device is budget friendly and makes it nearly impossible for identity thieves to break into your online accounts!

Do you ever worry about your bank, retirement, or social media accounts getting hacked? Did you know that 1 in 4 people experienced identity theft last year? And that with millions of attempted hacks each day, it’s just a matter of time before you’re next?  If you’re worried about your accounts being hacked, your identity being stolen, and you’re sick and tired of thinking up the next impossible-to-remember password, then get a load of our most recent discovery.

John McAfee, founder of McAfee Antivirus and Leading Online Security Expert, says about this powerful little device…

What Is It?

It’s called EverykeyIt’s a tiny bluetooth device that provides NSA (National Security Agency) level password security for all your online accounts and Bluetooth devices. In fact, the highest levels of the military use the very same technology to protect their top secret documents!

Everykey – The tiny bluetooth device that instantly creates and secures complex passwords for digital and online accounts using military grade security – rendering identity thieves virtually powerless!

What Does It Do?

Where to begin!? This powerful little device is like your own personal digital master key. It truly is the future of access control!

1st – It automatically creates incredibly complex, impossible-to-remember passwords for Bluetooth devices and any password protected website you can’t afford to have hacked and exposed.

2nd – It uses military grade AES 128-bit encryption to guard those complex passwords –  rendering hackers and identity thieves virtually powerless.

3rd – It automatically logs you into devices and websites when you’re nearby. When you walk away, it automatically logs you out and locks them down for you!

So with Everykey, you never have to think about, create, or remember those ridiculously hard passwords again!

You get the security of those impossible-to-remember passwords with U.S. military level encryption, plus the convenience of never having to log in or out again!

Watch how Everykey can simplify and secure your life…

What Else Can It Do?

Well, unlike other products that are limited in capability, Everykey works with both Bluetooth accessed devices and password protected websites.

AND unlike other similar devices or website password management programs, Everykey doesn’t make you logout of one account just to log in to another. It conveniently works with multiple devices like your phone and websites, simultaneously…

Everykey works with BOTH Bluetooth devices and websites – and works with both simultaneously!

Now you can move in and out of your devices and password protected websites as easy as you do the rooms in your own home!

What If I Lose My Everykey?

No problem. Simply shut it down! If your Everykey gets lost, misplaced, or is stolen, you can instantly lock it down right from your phone using their app or you can call Everykeydirectly and have them freeze it for you.

But here’s the thing, the Everykey device itself doesn’t store your passwords. They’re safely stored on Everykey’s secure server.  So even if you lose, misplace, or have your Everykey stolen, it’s totally useless in anyone’s hands except yours!

What Else Does It Work With?

Every key is future ready! It was designed to work with Bluetooth enabled devices like your car, house, lights and more. Plus, their Software Development Kit lets third party developers create new applications for Everykey. So the possibilities are endless.

How Much Does It Cost?

Honestly, this powerful little device should cost at least $150…but you can get your own Everykey for only 65.00!

When you consider the potential for significant financial loss, reputation ruined, and just the unnerving feeling of being violated by having your personal information exposed, 65.00 is peanuts compared to all of that!

Where Can You Get Them?

You can get your Everykey right from their website here.

“Hackers and identity thieves are getting smarter and more clever everyday. Shouldn’t you be doing the same?!” – John McAfee

Mr. McAfee is right! Hackers and identity thieves work tirelessly to find new and easy ways to crack people’s accounts – it’s literally their source of income! So make it virtually impossible for them to get access to you and your family’s livelihood. You can do that in 3 easy steps…

Step 1: Order your Everykey right from their website.

Step 2: Download the apps and browser extensions that are right for you.

Step 3: Use and work with your devices and websites seamlessly and effortlessly with total peace-of-mind knowing Everykey is your shield against potential intruders!

Military grade security meets everyday convenience – your life simplified!

Get Your Everykey Today!